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Franchise of CafeVella is rapidly growing Multi-Urban Cuisine Cafe with outstanding interiors and culinary creativity. We have the best brands working with us with the best staff. we are based at an easy and accessible location and offer vendor and delivery support. The most notable aspect of CafeVella is that we regularly update our menus so that you may experience all the delightful treats. As a result, you can never run out of choices and can always try new foods. We all know that presentation matters in any sector, which is why they can provide beautiful package packaging. Products from CafeVella are becoming more popular as a result of outstanding presentations and amazing client experiences.



Sourced from the best and most trusted suppliers, we put only the choicest ingredients on your plate at Hong's Kitchen.

Live and Transparent Kitchen

We are India’s flagship Chinese food QSR chain with a Live and Open Kitchen – you can watch your food getting prepared right in front of your eyes.

Separate Preparation Area

We have separate preparation areas for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. We ensure that all our utensils, sauces & containers are also maintained separately.

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