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Franchise Opportunity

  • Accounting System: Kopper FOODS specialised in installing accounting systems that are essential for your company. As a restaurant franchise, you have many responsibilities. You need to support your brand by running a profitable business. It is difficult to balance all the books at the same time.
  • working with ERP experts, i.e., Kopper FOODS, restaurants can more easily control their business operations. In that fast-paced world of hospitality, keeping track of supply orders, material usage, and working hours can be challenging. However, an efficient ERP system can ensure financial transparency and operational control.
  • Kopper FOODS also helps in certain aspects such as profits, growth and efficiency.
  • Supply chain management: Supply chain management gives organizations more freedom with Kopper FOODS, you can use automated sales reports, predict when more inventory is needed , and reduce inventory holding costs.
  • Another reason a company should implement Kopper FOODS is its ability to prevent losses at multiple points within the organization. Prevent warehouse theft with accurate , real-time inventory tracking .


  • Franchise Fee: 6 Lakhs
  • Kitchen Setup Cost: Approx 40% of the total cost
  • Restaurant Cost: Approx 30% of the total cost 

Kitchen Cost:

  • Civil work: Approx 80K
  • Software: Approx 10K
  • Electronics: Approx 40K

Restaurant Cost:

  • Civil work: Approx 1.6 lakhs
  • Electronics: Approx 70K


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